Kwabs is a story of passion, family, and love. Here’s my story.

Born in Kumasi, Ghana, I am the first born of three children. As a child I was intrigued by the fabrics my mother and grandmother worked with. I imagined the possibilities of cutting against the patterns or stitch lines of thread to create something unique.

I often took their fabric assuming they were scraps to create my ideas. Unfortunately, my curiosity and urge to design resulted in punishment for using material they had plans for.
My greatest influences come from family, African textiles and culture, and my travels. My designs are often inspired by adinkra symbols that I embellish around the neckline and the shirt sleeves. Contemporary meets African traditional fashion.

The feel of Kwabs…

The feel of Kwabs Couture merges my heritage with my desire to create trendy casual wear.

I’m also dedicated to family, and friends. I commit my time to charity volunteering in Ghana in efforts to provide surgeries for children at Africa’s first orthopedic hospital. I will continue design striking apparel with Kwabs Couture.

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